Meet the Maker: Carla Tome of Tome Ceramics

Carla Tome is a native of Los Angeles and draws influence in her paintings and ceramics from her multi-cultural background of Japanese/Peruvian mixed with Italian. With interests in modern art, craft and design, as well as indigenous pottery and Southern California landscapes, Carla has a gift for creating beautiful, hand crafted art that we can enjoy in our daily lives. 

I had the good fortune to meet Carla at the iconic downtown Los Angeles restaurant Ciudad (now Border Grill) nearly 20 years ago. It was a unique moment in time that brought a handful of highly creative people together that quickly became friends for life. As we served busy crowds of diners, I always admired Carla’s ability to stay calm and keep everyone’s spirits up. She’s just a beautiful soul. She’s also a foodie who grows her own fresh ingredients at her home, where she lives with her husband and adorable pup Xaco, a Mexican hairless Xoloitzcuintli.

When Carla said yes to collaborating on our Lula Mug, I was elated! Visiting her studio recently, I got to see first hand the love and labor that goes into making each mug. Ceramics is a multi-step process, that requires focus, patience, and resilience. Anything can go awry at each step of the way. But when everything comes together, a handmade mug is something to bring pure joy to everyday life. And that’s just a beautiful thing. 


The Lula Mug is made exclusively for Mercado Lula. Visit to shop Carla's other original pieces. 

Also, check out Carla's top 7 songs to listen to while in studio here


  • I’m looking at a beautiful bowl on my dining table. Carla made it. It is unique, calming and functional. Thank you Carla for your artistry and your kindness.

    Lee McMillan
  • I think everything Carla does is AWSOME. She just has that magic touch and a winning personality!
    What can I say!?! She’s just great!

    Alba Chiavetta

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